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Chatelaine Designs

** Please check on pattern availability *before* purchasing your threads or beads. **  Our kits are based upon the original materials lists provided to us by Martina when she released the design.  Be sure to read the "Includes" list for each pattern so that you'll know what to expect in your kit.  We will also, as time permits, be uploading a free PDF showing exactly what we include for the thread packs, NPI packs, and bead packs.  For threads, please note that we send the 6 yd skeins of Gloriana (not 4 yds).  The 4 yd skeins are actually more expensive/yard.  Email with any questions or requests concerning changes to your order.

DMC is NOT INCLUDED in any thread pack.

You will need to add the pattern to your order as a separate item IF we have it. Patterns are sent as pre-printed, b/w only chart packs via regular mail.  To purchase the electronic version (PDF), please go to the Chatelaine website at