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About Us

The idea for our store materialized in the summer of 2000. A very good friend of mine and her children were going to spend two months in Germany visiting her parents and she asked if my daughter and I would like to join her for part of that time. The talk of this possibility turned into reality and we traveled across the world to a place we'd never been to before. The language barrier was difficult for me but I found that the love of cross stitch reached across those boundaries beautifully. We visited a woman's home whose every inch of wall space was covered with some of the most beautiful stitching I have ever seen. She told us about a place called Die Scheune (The Barn) that was one of her favorite spots for stitching supplies. Of course, the next day I had to visit. My good friend, who is not a stitcher, stayed by my side for 2 1/2 hours and helped me communicate with the wonderful woman who owns this treasure. I wanted to leave with one of everything! My pocketbook and my suitcase would not allow for that so I took what jewels I had purchased and was grateful to have found out about her store.

As is often the case in life, this experience expanded for me into what is now this website. I knew that other stitchers would be as thrilled as I was to find something unique to place their stitches upon. I have heard many times that a person should try to find a job that they are passionate about. I have been fortunate to do that very thing. As any stitcher knows, anything to do with stitching could never be considered a "job".

Happy Stitching!