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Teahouse Challenge

Teahouse Challenge

$ 14.10

This piece will be a true CHALLENGE for the experienced stitcher. The main part - the Chinese Teahouse - is entirely stitched "over one" for shading and details. But for those hesitant to tackle a version "over one," Martina will provide a "normal" Teahouse as well - all is over-two.

Thread Pack Includes:
1 skein Caron Collection Waterlilies
2 skeins Gloriana Threads Silks
1 skein Gloriana Princess Perle Petite
4 cards Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid
1 skein Dinky-Dyes Silks
1 skein Caron Impressions
1 skein Dinky Dyes Silk Perle
1 skein Gloriana Florimell
2 cards Petite Silk Lame

Bead Pack Includes:
4 colors Delica Beads
1 color Swarovski Bicones
6mm Rounds

13" x 15" Antique White Belfast

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