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Mystery XIX (Night Desert Tent)

Mystery XIX (Night Desert Tent)

$ 44.00

Let me just tell you a bit (this is a mystery!) - imagine deep night in a desert. A Bedouin princess was invited out for a night meal with candles and lanterns in , well, most probably some Bedouin prince's tent. He offers her all luxury of carpets, bolsters and curtains of richest fabrics, nice little cushions everywhere, all patterned in the age-old patterns of the desert tribes. Tiles of ceramics are laid out and patterns of gold overlay the rich velvets of the tent's sides. Tiny tables stand beneath flickering lanterns, offer hot coffee and tea in polished silver pitchers. All is blinking, and sparkling and the stars shine over the scenery. In the far distance you can see the swinging hills of the desert sands.

Thread Pack Includes:
4 skeins Caron Collection Waterlilies
5 skeins Dinky-Dyes Silks
12 skeins Gloriana Threads Silks
6 skeins Gloriana Princess Perle Petite
20 cards Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid
6 cards Petite Silk Lame

Bead Pack Includes:
13 colors Delica Beads
1 color Bugle Beads
10 mm Flower
8 colors Swarovski Bicones
1 color Tila Beads

28" x 28" Antique White Cashel

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