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Not only in former times special gardens were installed for one or more species of plants, but in all times the Rose was searched for, cultivated and loved. A Rosarium was even present in Medieval and Roman times for the wealthy people, of course. Rare cultivates were shown there in their own beds and admired. This Mandala now is in the series of "ariums" following the layout scheme of Pomarium, Herbularius, Tinctorium. It depicts 8 gorgeous culture of roses, but as well the basic roses, which are mothers to all modern roses too.

Thread Pack Includes:
12 skeins Caron Collection Waterlilies
6 skeins Caron Collection Wildflowers
1 skein Caron Collection Impressions
7 skeins Dinky-Dyes Silks
11 skeins Gloriana Threads Silks
1 skein Gloriana Florimell
1 skein Northern Lights Silks
4 cards Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid
2 cards Rainbow Gallery Petite Silk Lame

Bead Pack Includes:
16 colors Delica Beads
1 color Bugle Beads
5 colors Swarovski Bicones
8mm Rounds
1 color Swarovski Cubes

27" x 27" Antique White Belfast

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